My Dream, before it is forgotten

I just had the epic dream of all epic dreams. You want to hear it? Yeah? Alright.

I woke up in a really, really fancy bedroom, as a servant came in to tell me that my father had demanded by presence. I got out of bed and walked over to the closet. On  one side of the closet were the traditional dresses, and the other side was like, all black ninja gear. I got into one of the dresses (velvet and lace =]) and left my room. I wandered for a really long time, trying to find my father, when all of a sudden I walked into a room with my dad, my brother, and like 20 guys in ninja suits. I went up to my dad and he told me that he had a mission for Mac and I. We were to swim up the easter cost of Italy from Ravenna (where we were) to Venice to intercept a merchant ship arriving there with treasuries from another city Venice had established. What I gathered from this conversation was that I was the youngest daughter of one of Ravenna's ruling families during the Renaissance, and I had been trained as a spy. Can you say awesome? So on this mission we would be partnered with Dustin, Sofia, and Rachel Moss. Apparently they were spies too. So we make it down to the Ocean (now in ninja gear) and we finally reach a beach. There we got into wet gear and slid into the water, instead of actually swimming up the coast, we followed a network of underwater tunnel systems that went throughout Italy to get to Venice. We had a couple narrow escapes with finding air pockets on the way (shudder). Anyway once we get to Venice we come up into a sort of bay like area. Now trust me, Venice is not the cleanest city ever, and all waste goes right into the water, so it was kind of gross. There we lie in wait for the merchant ship. I remember we had some sort of explosives but that is where the dream ended. Kind of cool, ne?
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 Hello Dearies. You know those slides on airplanes that you go down when there has been an emergency? Well, yes they are as fun as they look! You want me to start from the beginning you say? Alright then.

We got to London from Boston just fine. Very uneventful flight. I slept through most of it. Then we drove to Shewburyness(sp?) where my grandmother and aunt live. We stayed there for two days and three nights. The first two nights and first day were fine. Then my nephews and my niece arrived. NO ONE IN THE FAMILY CAN STAND THEM FOR MORE THAN A FEW HOURS!!!! I love my brother, I do. But his children make me want to travel back in time and kick him to stop him from procreating. My five year old niece stayed in my room that night. I stayed up till six in the morning finishing the school work that was due for tuesday while she slept smack in the middle of the bed. So when I finally climbed in on the far side, she started kicking me for invading her space. I eventually drifted off to sleep, and awoke at eight to see a gigantic Grace face leaning over me. I nearly screamed. Instead I rolled over and told her to go back to sleep. She whined at me until I got up to play with her. I then pushed her into Mac's room around nine because I couldn't take it anymore and he was up. He was already dealing with Archie and Alex (nephews), what can one more hurt? I went back to bed and was woken again around twelve. I got up  and drove all the way from Shewburyness to Gatwick airport (not a fun trip) with my sister (whom I do adore) and fell into bed at the airport hotel around four. I woke up the next day at seven- shows how tired I was!- to get ready for our flight to Gibraltar. That got delayed from ten until one. We then got on the flight, and were told it was too stormy to land in Gib, so we got diverted to land in Malaga, Spain, about an hour away from the Gib airport. We landed, came to a stop, then got struck by lightning. You think I'm kidding? No, seriously, lightning! The plane was smoking and everything! We did not catch fire, but they evacuated us anyway. Here is an article about it. So the slides come out and I climbed out of the window and had to slide down the slide into an enormous puddle, in the middle of torrential rain and winds. My dad went before me and he fell face first =). I managed to rescue my backpack and take it with me, so I was alright if a little wet from landing on my ass. I swear there is NO traction on those slides. Going down was fun! The landing was not. So afterward we stood there in the rain for about fifteen minutes until they brought a bus over. We stood on the bus for about half an hour until that brought us to the Malaga airport. There we waited three and a half hours for our baggage. THREE AND A HALF HOURS! IT WAS FUCKING HELL! Then they piled us all on to Coach buses (I swear if I hear another snappy older woman or tranny chitter at me in that fucking language one more time I am going to punch them in the ovaries), drove to the Gib airport, made us go through Immigration twice, then made us wait for our bags again. Thankfully this time it was only about ten minutes. We then got in my sisters car and drove to the hotel, with some other bad but not awful events on the way. Yes, the last few days have been misery.

Today though has been rather nice. I woke up at twelve, walked with my dad and sister across the border to Spain, got my nails done and a nice hot chocolate. Then went to my Dad's ex-wife's apartment for Christmas Eve dinner. That was okay. Albert, my sister's uncle, fits right along with the rest of the wonderfully funny drunks that comprise my family. Otherwise, have been doing homework and writing college apps. Fun, yes?



 Hey you guys. So far my birthday, I got four tickets to the American Idol tour when it hits NH. They will be at the Verizon Wireless Arena this Tuesday night, so if any of you guys are free, please come with me! Call me and I'll give you more info!
She Is Good


 Alright, I figure its probably been ages since I've posted anything, so I might as well write. Plus my last post was my blow up over AI, and that is probably not a good opening image =). So, writing about Stanford! We have a dance tonight, not that its going to be very much fun for me, since I still can't stand on my left foot. =( Plus my shoe won't stay on.... But I'll make an appearance, if only to make sure the girls don't feel guilty for leaving me behind. I'm all dressed up with a brand new dress that I'll be wearing for semi this year. I also bought new shoes, and I had to sew the left one to my bandage to make sure it doesn't fall off my swollen foot. It feels kind of awkward. What does it say about me that I spend more money on the new shoes than the new dress? Regardless, it's weird, for the past few days I haven't been listening to any music except Aida and Spring Awakening. Why? So after two unsuccessful visits to the doctor, they say that they might take my stitches out on monday. I highly doubt it, since thats what they said for the last two days *rolls eyes*. What else have I discovered while I'm here? I can't paint my nails when I can't put my left foot down. Plus I'm just kind of bad it. But I am in fact very good with make-up. I'll post some pictures of myself all dressed up for the dance. I can prove that I do in fact tan after an entire summer in Cali. *We got more bounce in California* It will probably be faded by the time I get home, but its cool while it lasts. Anyway, that all I have to say. 8 CLASSES, 2 EXAMS, 1 ESSAY, 1 PROBLEM SET AND I'M DONE!

Oh and today is awesome cause I look all pretty, even with my foot wrapped! =) (Littera multum ille!)
Doctor is accusing

NOOOOO! BETRAYAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Rest in Peace

Can you clear my mind?

Thats it! I cannot vote for Obama because he is against video games! He thinks we should actually do homework and shit instead. Psh, I bet McCain lets his kids play games...

Anyway, yes I did skip ADL today. I was *sick*. And then went to fucking dance class. How is it that every year, I'm always the one who has all their mistakes pointed out in class? Other people are doing the exact same thing, but nooooo, its "Caroline, keep your knees locked, Thirkill get that leg up!" Pissers.

So I should be doing my APUSH essay. I am obviously working very hard on it.


P.S.- Heh, back on the politics, I just saw an lj commercial about Tom Cruise. He was sitting in a fighter jet with the name "Maverick". hehe...


So according to the first page in Hofstadter, the principles of America are based off Calvin and Hobbs. (Calvin religion and Hobbes philosophy, but nevertheless!) Is that not the coolest thing you've ever heard?

And doesn't it just explain everything?
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Missing TARDIS

So put him on the first flight to Venezuela...

I just came back from seeing Burn After Reading. Funniest shit I've ever seen. Go see it.

So, history homework. Anyone know it??
    It's just the Federalists Papers right? Btdubs did anyone understand what they were saying there?

My god I hate football. Not the good football, the stupid American one. Seriously, its nothing but a bunch of hulking brutes throwing themselves all over each other up and down the field. Few less pieces of clothing and you've got a giant orgy. *Shakes head* Did you know there is now "Sunday Night Football" that according to the song you wait all week for. I'm pretty sure the song is identical to the "Monday Night Football" song, excluding the substitution of the day. Oh, yeah and the Monday Night song is sung by an annoyingly deep voiced country singer and the Sunday Night song is a husky-voiced blonde with a hell of a lot of cleavage. One of those types you expect to see the Catholic School Girl Skirt on. And of course every other commercial is one for beer. Sheer idiocy, pure American.

I really hate Sunday nights.
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Doctor is accusing

I wanna cry in a corner now...

So I had the suckiest of suck all days today. First of all, I was supposed to drop physics today, but surprise! it was a day 0 so we had class first. Then I had mythology and got my first Mr. Anthony test EVER back. I thought it was good but, again surprise, B-. And we had to do a writing practice thing in class and I completely blanked. Then choir, which on a bad day is a hell all of its own. Then APUSH, which is usually an okay class, but I was barely concentrating to today and had no idea what was coming out of my mouth. Did I say anything incorrect/possibly embarrassing?

After that was Latin. Doc made me read and lately my translations and quiz scores have been horrible. Today was no exception. Then Precalc. I got a 60 on my last quiz. Great. Then Greek, and having absolutely no idea what I was doing on a concept that I understood perfectly last thursday. And Doc gave us a challenge of one of the sentences in the book. I translated the wrong one and so nearly lost the challenge for our class. Zack had to come in and save us last minute. What a way to round off the day!

Oh, and I have two hours of dance class and homework in every subject. Fun!

Is it intrinsically wrong of me to think that the high point of my day was talking to Vanessa?